Old Sorrel-Weed House

Old Sorrel-Weed House

Old Sorrel-Weed House

6 West Harris Street (Madison Square)
SavannahGA  31401
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The Old Sorrel Weed House represents one of the finest examples of Greek Revival and Regency architecture in Savannah and was one of the first two homes in the state of Georgia to be made a state landmark in 1954. At 16,000 square feet, it is also one of the largest houses in the city.

The Sorrel Weed House is regarded as one of Savannah’s most beautiful mansions. The home features a parapet with elliptical arches, a sweeping double entrance and Doric columns on the portico, and balconies on the first story front windows. An oval shaped library with curved wooden doors is most impressive.

The Sorrel-Weed House was designated a state landmark in 1953, the first house in Georgia to be so honored.

Old Sorrell House
The color of the house is quite different and the Historic Savannah Foundation did not consider it as one of Savannah's original colors. Therefore, when the owner want to use this color in the restoration of the house the city attempted to prevent it. However, after scraping off over 20 layers of old paint, the owner was able to prove that it was, in fact, the original color. The owner was then permitted to use that color on the house.

The Sorrel Weed House has a reputation for being one of the most haunted buildings in Savannah. People claim to see figures in the windows and hear disembodied voices inside the house. The connecting carriage house behind the main house was said to have housed a female African-American slave who was murdered by a member of the family.