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See all the Savannah Squares in One Day
Map of the Historic District

Map of Squares Walking Guide With Landmarks.

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Some fast facts – the Historic District:

Points of Interest

Forsyth Park

 Number One. Confederate Monument

Number Two.

  Fragrant Garden

Monterey Square

Number Three.   Armstrong Mansion

Number Four.   Mercer Williams House

Number Five.   Brigadier General Kazimierz Pulaski

Number Six.   Temple Mickve Israel

Madison Square

Number Seven.   Eliza Thompson House

Number Eight.   Gryphon Tea Room st-john-the-baptist-cathedral

Number Nine.   Masonic Temple

Number Ten.   St. John Episcopal Church

Number Eleven.   Monument to Sgt William Jasper

Number Twelve.   Green Meldrin House

  Sorrel Weed HouseNumber Thirteen.

Chippewa Square

Number Fourteen.   Statue of James Oglethorpe

  Number Fifteen. Philbrick-Eastman House

  Savannah HistoricTheater Number Sixteen.

Number Seventeen.   First Baptist Church

Number Eigthteen.   Independent Presbyterian Church

Wright Square

Number Nineteen.   Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace

Number Twenty.   Ballastone Inn (Bed & Breakfast)

Number Twenty 0ne.   Gordon Monument

Number Twenty Two.   Tomochichi Monument

Number Twenty Three.   U.S. Courthouse

Number Twenty Four.   Old County Courthouse

Number Twenty Five.  Lutheran Church of Ascension

Johnson Square

Number Twenty Six.   Monument to Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene

Number Twenty Seven.   Christ Church

Reynolds Square

Number Twenty Eight.   Olde Pink House

Number Twenty Nine.   Oliver Strugis House

Number Thirty.   John Wesley Monument

Oglethorpe Square

Number Thirty One.   Owens-Thomas House

Lafayette Square

Number Thirty Two.   Andrew Low House

Number Thirty Three.

  Hamilton-Turner House

Number Thirty Four.

 Semiquincentenary Fountain

Number Thirty Five.   Andrew Low House

Number Thirty Six.   Cathedral of St. John Baptist

Calhoun Square

Number Thirty Seven.   Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church

Number Thirty Eight.   Massie Hertiage Center 

Whitefield Square

Number Thirty Nine.   First Congregational Church

Number Forty.


Troup Square

Number Forty One.

  Armillary sphere

Number Forty Two.

  Unitarian Universalist Church

Crawford Square

Number Forty Three.

  Old County Jail and Police Department built in 1887

Number Forty Four.   White Gazebo

Greene Square

Number Forty Five.   Second African Baptist Church

Columbia Square

Number Forty Six.

  Wormsloe Fountain

Number Forty Seven.   Kehoe House

Number Forty Eight.   Davenport House

Warren Square

Number Forty Nine.

  George Basil Spencer House

Washington Square

Number Fifty.   Hampton Lillibridge House

Ellis Square

Number Fifty One.   Dancing Fountains

Number Fifty Two.     City Market

Telfair Square

Number Fifty Four.   Trinity Methodist Church

Number Fifty Five.   Telfair Academy

Number Fifty Six.   Jepson Center

Pulaski Square

Interesting homes and restored gardens

Orleans Square

Number Fifty Seven.   German Societies Fountain

Number Fifty Eight.   Harper Fowlkes House

Chatham Square

Number Fifty Nine.   Gordon Row - Series of 15 four story homes in a row

Franklin Square

Number Sixty.   Chasseurs-Volontaires de Saint-Domingue Monument

Number Sixty One.   First African Baptist Church