Kehoe House (circa 1892)

Kehoe House (circa 1892)

Kehoe House (circa 1892)

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The Kehoe House is a 1892 Renaissance Revival Mansion which was built for William Kehoe. William Kehoe came from Ireland with his family when he was 10 years old, and grew up in poor. During the Civil War young William fought for the South. After the war William Kehoe became an apprentice as an iron molder. He worked his way up and became the owner of his own Iron Foundry. His fortune was made by his keen business sense, his skill and hard work, plus his pleasant personality and ability to work well with others.

William Kehoe married Annie and they had many children, but only 10 of the children survived to adulthood. Unlike many who were wealthy William and Annie Kehoe did not let money ruin them and they kept their values and belief in God.

Kehoe House (circa 1892)
William Kehoe built his four story home around 1892. It resembles a Victorian Renaissance Revival mansion.The mansion is most noted for the exclusive use of cast iron for the exterior trim. It is decorated with Corinthian columns and decorative red brick and terra cotta moldings.

The Kehoe House was used as a mortuary during most of the 20th century. In 1980, Joe Namath bought the house for $80,000 and later sold it in 1989 for $530,00.

Today the Kehoe House is a beautiful bed & breakfast with 13 guest rooms. The William Kehoe House Historic Inn has acquired unique antique and period furniture as well as "state of the art conveniences in a casual relaxed atmosphere."

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