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Savannah offers an abundance of sightseeing opportunities

  • Ease of walking
  • Beauty and unique character.
  • Unique architecture.
  • Lovely, shaded, Squares that are great for resting, relaxing, and socializing.
  • Rich and colorful history.
  • Magnificent waterfront; lined by restaurants, shops, and a few watering holes.


Sightseeing Trolley

Combined with:

  • Trolley Tours
  • Transportation System
  • A few resident ghosts (ghost tours in Savannah are a big attraction!)

Makes Savannah a most enjoyable city to visit. It is unique in its character and charm.

Most of the points of interest are within the 2.2 square mile Historic District. Driving within the Historic District is slow paced and non-threatening on most streets. But, pay close attention to pedestrians. They are everywhere!

From the Northern end of the Historic District to the Southern end of the Historic District is 0.8 miles. Take Drayton Street, that is one block East of Bull Street, for a direct and fast route. See map.


Top 5 Reasons to Visit Savannah

Cathedral St John Baptist

1) History

With a history that dates back centuries, Savannah is steeped in history and offers a plethora of historic and interesting places to see such as:


Telfair Museum

2) Art

For those who enjoy art and other cultural pursuits, Savannah delivers with the Telfair Museums, consisting of the:

Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences

Owens-Thomas House

Jepson Center for the Arts

The Jepson Center for the Arts is a contemporary building that opened in 2006 and it features:

  • Traveling exhibitions
  • Outdoor sculpture terraces
  • A children’s gallery.

Combined, the 3 museums offer a large collection of artwork consisting of over 4,000 pieces.


Mrs Wilkes Dining Room

3) Southern Food

Savannah offers a broad range of dining choices from traditional homemade meals to contemporary international fare.

For traditional Southern food, try Mrs. Wilkes House or Paula Deen’s famous eatery, the "Lady and Two Sons". Both of them will indulge you with a decadent southern meal.

For a unique French treat that is both very tasty and very sweet, try the Pralines at River Street Sweets. Free samples are available as soon as you walk in the door. Pralines make good use of a Southern staple -- pecans. Pralines are commonly found in New Orleans, Savannah and Charleston.


4) Squares

See Google Map of the Historic District.

The product of Colonel James Oglethorpe's brilliant mind, the original four Squares in the city were laid out beginning in 1769. The Squares were intended to provide open spaces for the colonists to perform military exercises, but as time went on, the city expanded and today there are 24 squares in Savannah.

Each Square was named after someone of historical importance to the United States or Georgia, including presidents and military leaders. Many of the Squares have monuments, statues, plaques and fountains; offering a peaceful retreat among natural beauty in the heart of the historic district.  

Savannah has many crown jewels. The Squares are one of them.


5) Riverfront

Savannah-Riverfront Map. River Street

See Google Map of the Riverfront.The Riverfront is another one of Savannah's crown jewels. It is a fusion of old-world charm and modern tourism.

The Riverfront represents an era when "cotton was king". The cotton industry was decimated in the 1920s by the boll weevil, a beetle from South America that destroyed the cotton crop and the cotton industry. By the mid-1950s, all the cotton related offices on the riverfront were gone, along with the business that supported the cotton industry.

Today, the Riverfront is a favorite spot for both locals and visitors. It is home to many historic buildings and the area is full of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. All of the activity can have the area bursting with excitement.

The Riverfront includes River Street, Bay Street and Hutchinson Island on the other side of the river. A free ferry runs about every 20 minutes from River Street to Hutchinson Island. The return trip is also free.

Factors Walk and Factors Row is a row of ancient red brick buildings that were once the hub of Savannah’s and Georgia's source of wealth -- the cotton industry. A Factor was a person that we would know today as a Broker.

Ask one of the locals, or an informed visitor, to show you the location of the "Echo Box" -- it is amazing!

On River Street, you will find:

Chart House -- a fine dining seafood restaurant with an upper level view of the river.

Fiddler's Crab Shack -- Crabs and seafood.

Joe's Crab Shack -- Crabs and seafood.

Kelvin Berry's Pub -- an Irish Pub with live Irish music.

River Street Market Place -- an open-air mall with items from around the world.

River Street River Boat Company -- lunch, brunch and dinner cruises.

River Street Sweets -- Savannah's oldest candy store -- making Pralines every day.

Spanky's Riverstreet -- one of Savannah's best-known casual eateries.


In Summary:

When combined, the above will reach deep into the soul and leave you with the feeling that you have just witness a "living" presentation, or should I say preservation, of the past. You might have even encountered a ghost. Few other places can offer the experiences that Savannah offers.