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Kevin Barrys Pub in Savannah, GA. Kevin Barrys Pub

Savannah has many seafood restaurants that serve fresh seafood. A cluster of them can be found on River Street. You can sit and enjoy fresh seafood while watching huge container ships pass by on the Savannah River.

For a pit stop, and watering hole on River Street, try Kevin Barry's Irish Pub at 17 West River Street; a friendly Irish Pub that features live music many evenings. Watching Chris, one of the bartenders, in action can be a show within itself.

Open Container Information

Beer Glass3

Savannah might be the only city in the country that will allow adults to walk around with an open alcoholic beverage any day of the year. This is allowed in the Northern part of the Historic District from the Riverfront to about Jones Street (10 blocks). This area is not marked, so be sure to ask a bartender before testing the boundaries.

The open container tolerance has given rise to a unique experience; the Savannah Slow Ride evening tour called the Pub Crawl. This ride itself is a good value at $25.00 for 2 hours (2014). But, you and your co-riders have to do all the work.

In spite of this tolerance for walking around with a open alcoholic beverage, don't expect to find intoxicated individuals in the streets or Squares; except perhaps during the Saint Patrick's celebration. I don't say "Saint Patrick's Day" celebration because it is a week long celebration.