Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park and Fountain. South end of Historic District at Bull Street and Gaston Street

Points of InterestForsyth-Park-Map in Savannah GA. 

  • Forsyth Park Fountain
  • Confederate Monument - South of the Fountain
  • Fragrant Garden - Located west of the Confederate Monument and adjacent to Whitaker Street behind a wrought-iron fence. Open 9:00a - 2:00p Mondays through Fridays

Forsyth Park is not one of the Squares -- but it is a must see on any tour of the Squares. It is at the very Southern end of the Historical District.

Forsyth Park is the largest park in the historic district of Savannah Georgia. It was originally created in the 1840s on 10 acres of land. In 1851, the park was expanded and named for Georgia Governor John Forsyth. Mr. Forsyth also donated 20 acres of his land to increase the park to occupy 30 acres in the historic district of Savannah. The park is bordered by Gaston Street on the North, Drayton Street on the East, Park Avenue on the South and Whitaker Street on the West. Forsyth Park is located at the southern edge of the Historic District.

Forsyth Fountain in Forsyth Park. The most popular feature of Forsyth Park is the large fountain that sits at the north end of Forsyth Park. The fountain was built and added to Forsyth Park in 1858. It resembles fountains in Paris and Peru. Every year on St. Patrick’s Day the city of Savannah dyes the water in the fountain green in celebration of Savannah's deep Irish heritage.

All around the Forsyth Park Fountain are benches. On any given day you can find many people, especially locals, lounging on the benches, relaxing, reading or taking in the scenery.

Forsyth Park is a hub of social interaction. There are people playing recreation sports, sun bathing, reading or just relaxing. On Saturdays there is a great farmer’s Market that takes place in Forsyth Park.

Today Forsyth Park features walking paths, open areas, beautiful tree cover, a fragrance garden and Savannah's magnificent Confederate Monument

 Confederate Monument in Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA.

The Confederate Monument is one of the largest Confederate monuments and is located at the far end of Forsyth Park pass the fountain. This impressive monument honored local Civil War veterans as well as those who had lost their lives in the bloody conflict. The Confederate Monument was erected in Forsyth Park in 1879.


Fragrance Garden in Forsyth Park. Fragrance Garden in Forsyth Park.

Just southwest of the fountain is the Fragrant Garden for the Blind. It was created by the Trustees Garden Club of Savannah and has been around since 1963, but has only recently been opened to the public A treat for the senses, the plant name plaques also feature Braille writing. The garden is open 9am to 2pm Monday through Friday. It is located in Forsyth Park west of the Confederate Monument and adjacent to Whitaker Street behind a wrought- iron fence. Flowers in the Fragrance Garden for the blind in Savannah GA.

Forsyth Park Pavilion in Savannah, GA.Forsyth Cafe in Forsyth Park in Savannah, GA.

Neighboring the Fragrant Garden is one of the park’s newest additions – the Forsyth Park Visitor’s Center, which was opened in 2009.The center consists of a stage, fountain and café. The stage, complete with a band shell, is the venue for many of Savannah’s public concerts and events. The café is great for a fresh sandwich or salad, coffee, tea or bottle of water.