Fun things to do in Savannah : Golden Isles, GAGolden Isles

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The Golden Isles are midway between Savannah, GA, and Jacksonville, FL, lies the mainland city of Brunswick and its four beautiful barrier islands: St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Little St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island. Spanish explorers descended upon this territory over 400 years ago seeking gold. What they found was mild weather, beauty and natural radiance that inspired the area's name, the Golden Isles.

Beautiful stretches of marshland define the gorgeous landscape and create the appearance of a continuous stretch of land reaching out to the barrier islands. Pristine rivers over flowing with birds, fish and other marine life flow calmly around the islands on their way to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Golden Isles acclaim to be a destination where the gentleman’s game of golf meets genuine Southern hospitality. The Golden Isles are noted for the area's beauty and world-class golf courses, facilities and instructors and has earned the Golden Isles its reputation as a golfer’s paradise. The Golden Isles is also known as nature's playground, with acres of undeveloped land, marshes and rivers—along with the vast expanse of ocean—begging to be explored and enjoyed.

The Golden Isles has beautiful scenic areas and mild weather providing ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. There are also quaint shopping boutiques, first-class dining experiences and historical tours of the Islands and mainland.