16) Pirates House

Pirates House Restaurant in Savannah, GA.

20 East Broad Street
(912) 233-5757

The Pirates House is a wonderfully preserved seaman's tavern built around 1794. Located only a block from the Savannah River, the tavern was a popular meeting place for both sailors and pirates. Stories are told that sea captains frequently shanghaied unwitting seaman from the tavern to complete their crews. Drunken seaman were drugged and carried away to strange ships, bound for unknown destinations.

Adjacent to the Pirates House is the Herb House. This building was deemed the Herb House and is said to be the oldest building in the state of Georgia.

Today The Pirates House is a restaurant which serves fine food in its 15 charming dining rooms.

Restaurant Hours:
Sunday - Thursday  11:00a - 9:30p
Friday - Saturday  11:00a - 10:00p

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