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Savannah Climate

Average Annual Temperatures and Precip. (at RSS Weather)

Savannah has a mild climate most of the year. However, it can be hot and humid during July and August.

The most pleasant weather is found during the March-May and October-December time periods. During these 6 months, the weather is relatively cool and refreshing; making these two periods ideal for walking and sightseeing. However, there can be days that are much warmer and days that are much cooler than what would be expected based upon average temperatures.

No matter when you visit Savannah, be sure to bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes with firm toes (the sidewalks tend to have uneven surfaces) and an umbrella. A small backpack for water and snacks can be very useful. A little bug repellent spray can help kept the mosquitoes and gnats at bay when they are prevalent. But, spraying by the county is often very effective. Gnats tend not to be pesky when there is wind or cooler temperatures.


Spring: March - May

This can be a very busy time for visitors. April is one of the busiest months in Savannah. Springtime gives rise to several annual celebrations:

  1. Saint Patrick's Celebration – by far the city's largest annual celebration.
  2. Tour of Homes and Gardens.
  3. Music Festival.
  4. Scottish Games.

[need event schedule]

The weather during March-May is varied and can make the following items useful:

  1. Layered clothing.
  2. Light sweater.
  3. Shorts and tank tops.

Summer: June - August

Savannah summers are hot and humid, often reaching into the high 90's during the afternoons. Mornings and evenings are best for walking and sightseeing.

The afternoons are a good time to take a trip to the Tybee Island Beach (a 25-minute drive from the Historic District).

Around mid-August the temperatures start to moderate, fewer tourist are visiting, and you may find lower prices for lodging.

Fall: September - November

Fall temperatures are spring like and moderate, offering an invigorating contrast to the summer solstice. Temperatures range from the low 50's to the low 80's. This is a good time to enjoy outdoor cafés and outdoor activities..

October is one of the busiest months in Savannah; especially on the weekends. Ghost tours around Halloween are very popular!

However, during September and November you can find lower prices for lodging and food while still having  pleasant weather; making these two months a good time of the year to visit Savannah.

The weather remains quite warm until mid-October, and you probably will not need a jacket until the end of November.  

Winter: December - February

Winters in Savannah are relatively mild. In addition, you will find lines short and restaurants open with good seating. So, it's a great time to visit Savannah. You may also find the best prices on both lodging and food.

During the December-February time period, the temperatures often range from highs in the mid 60's during the day to low 30's at night. However, it can be surprisingly warm or cold on some days -- so be prepared with a light jacket and a little warm weather clothing for those unusually warm or cold days.